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Facebook Ads. Instagram Ads. Snapchat Ads. Google & PPC Ads. Maps & GPS Ads.

Kelekt Media Digital Advertising Services.

TV, Newspaper, Radio, and Magazine ads are outdated, way too expensive, and don't allow you to target specific people who would best convert into sales or leads, so this is why Kelekt Media's Digital Advertising Services are so important to be competitive in today's market. Company's and Brands that aren't utilizing this in their Marketing Strategy, risk being crushed by their competition.

Facebook & Instagram Ads.

The most effective way to generate sales and build brand awareness is to start running ads on Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Ads are able to target people based on their purchasing behavior, what they are interested in, how old and what gender they are, and the decisions they make online, so we can find the most effective way to generate leads and sales for your business, giving you a high return on investment. Digital Marketing Ads are how you scale your business from a few thousand to a few million dollars, faster than any other form of marketing. 

Kelekt Media Facebook Ads Instagram Ads
Kelekt Media Google Ads Services

Google Ads.

The fast route to making it to the front page of Google. Google Ads run on a pay per click basis, so that depending on the keywords you would like to be found for, there is a certain price you pay every time someone clicks on your website or landing page link. The more competitive keywords will cost you more per click, so it is important for us to do the research for you ahead of time.  

Snapchat Ads.

With similar targeting as Facebook Ads, Snapchat is a great way to reach the 13-35 year old market. So depending on who your target market is, Snapchat is becoming one of the cheapest ways to target a large audience, for your product or service. 

Kelekt Media Snapchat Ads
Kelekt Media Google Maps Ads

GPS & Maps Ads.

With over 177 million monthly active users, Google Maps Ads are a great way to get your local business at the front of customers searching for relevant businesses in your area. Make sure you come up first, and utilize Kelekt Media's proven Maps Ads strategy.​

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