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Increase Engagement. Expand Brand Recognition. Grow Followers.

Kelekt Media Social Media Services.

Kelekt Media has the secret Social Media Strategies that are used by the top 1% of Influencers across the world. These strategies have grown accounts collectively to over 5 million followers, 15 million video views, 10 million likes and comments, and generated over $5 million in sales. 


One of the best ways to grow your social accounts without paying for ads is by discovering the best hashtags that are relevant to your business, and implementing them in your posting strategy.


Kelekt Media has years of experience in researching the best Hashtags in your industry, to generate the most organic (free) traffic to your profiles. 

Kelekt Media hashtag research
Kelekt Media Social Media

Target Your Competition and Redirect Traffic.

After discovering which hashtags are best to implement, we dive deeper to understand who your social competition is and target their followers.


We target users that are engaged with your competitors and get them to start engaging with your profiles, redirecting your competitors traffic to your social profiles. 

Build a Relationship with Communities.

Social Media is all about building a stronger relationship within your communities, and Kelekt Media does this all for you. We find those users in your community and like + comment on their posts, leave thoughtful messages, respond to comments on your own posts, and reply to direct messages. 

We want people to love you and your brand, so we leave a lasting impression and create word of mouth, driving organic traffic. This also tells the algorithm that runs these social sites, to show your posts at the top of those users' news feeds, so that you are always one of the first posts that those users see when they sign in to their profiles. 

Kelekt Media Facebook Marketing
Kelekt Media Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing to Build Brand Awareness.

By 2021 Brands are projected to spend over $15 Billion dollars on Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing is when you have a relevant page, profile or brand, who has thousands or millions of followers, post about you on their page.


This is relative to Nike paying an athlete to promote a new shoe on one of their TV commercials. However, with the world changing with social media, we can do this for a fraction of the cost since there are thousands of big accounts with many many followers that are ready to work for brands like yours, and Kelekt Media works with some of the top Influencers in the world.  

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