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Grow Your Brand. Engage New and Existing Customers. Convert Email Lists into Sales.

Kelekt Media Web & Email Marketing Services.

Kelekt Media has the team of Marketing Experts you need to boost sales and keep new and existing customers engaged. In 2019, over 269 Billion emails were sent per day, and on average, businesses earned $32 in sales for each $1 they spent on email marketing. 

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Custom Websites That Boost Conversions.

Some businesses have websites and others make money. At Kelekt Media we have a team of custom web developers and UI/UX experts that build you a website based on consumer psychology. We know what converts into sales and new business, and what doesn't. 

Run Your Emails on Auto Pilot.

When it comes to scaling any email marketing campaign, the work smarter not harder approach comes to mind. Kelekt Media uses industry leading software, to have your emails run on auto pilot, so that it is sending new emails as you grow your list, without having to send each email by hand, and without constant monitoring. 

Kelekt Media Email Marketing
Kelekt Media Email Automation

Email Content That Sells and Engages.

Anyone can write an email, but how do you create one that is effective and converts into sales? Kelekt Media has an experienced team of copywriters that know how to grab attention and keep people reading all the way through. An average email gets opened 10-20% of the time, where we are upwards of 50-75%. 

Keep It Personal.

Email Marketing is most effective when messaging is personalized to the person receiving the email. The software that we use allows us to input pieces of code that reads who the email is being sent to and personalizes the message to that customer. This creates better engagement, higher open rate, and better sales conversions. 

Kelekt Media Personalized Emails
Kelekt Media Customer Analytics

Track the Customer Journey.

Part of our strategy includes tracking how people respond to the emails we deliver. With our software, we can track everyone that opens an email, clicks on a link within the email, etc., so that we can create a separate list for those that are more engaged, and those that aren't. This allows us to personalize our messaging to both sides of the spectrum. 

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